Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Cashtag®?

A Cashtag is represented by the $ sign and then a word following it. Cashtags are trending topics that pull posts from the White Boards of our community and listings from the Social Exchange.

What is the White Board?

The White Board is your personal page for social networking conversations. It is where your friends and followers can read your updates and stay in touch with what you are up to.

What is the Worldline?

The Worldline is your portal to and newsfeed of all the things you follow. This is where you will see the posts, status updates and system messages from everything you are interested in.

What is the Status application/page?

The Status application/page allows you to create a new status message, manage old status updates and turn off or on the entire application, eliminating it from your page entirely.

How do I upload a profile photo?

To upload a profile photo, simply go to the My Account link at the top right corner of the page and click on the Profile Photo link in the left hand menu. Choose the upload pic button, select from your computer and then click save.

What is the Social Exchange?

The Social Exchange is a new classifieds system tied to a social network. Find out who is selling, who is buying and post things of your own. There are coupons, deals, music and much more.

What is the "My Personal Exchange" page?

The "My Personal Exchange" page is a dashboard for you to filter relevant results that you would like from the Social Exchange. Find out who has what you are looking for and who is looking for what you have.

How do I create a Cashtag?

Simple. Type the $ symbol and then the word you would like to make a cashtag/trending topic. Letters and numbers only. No spaces. Example: $cashtag

What is an "Into"?

By clicking Into Buttons you are expressing that you are "into" whatever the topic, person or item connected to that particular into button is.

How do I create a listing/post on the Social Exchange?

Go to the Social Exchange and click on the Post menu option. Follow the steps in the process until it says your post is complete.

Can I see how many people have viewed my Social Exchange post?

Yes! At the bottom of every exchange post there is a counter to show you how many views your listing has gotten.

Can I make my Profile private?

Yes. With our privacy settings you can determine what information is viewable and to whom. You will have the option to shut off nearly everything if you so choose.

What does the @ symbol do?

The @ symbol will create a mention of a user in a post. Simply put the @ symbol and then the username of the person you wish to mention. The post will then appear on the mentioned users Worldline. Example: @openboard

How do I close my account?

If you would like to close your account, you must sign in to your account, then click here and follow the instructions on the page.